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As a Social Media Ambassador for Pitt’s Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, I posted weekly highlights about my Pitt experiences to prospective students on Twitter and Instagram. I earned the Pitt Student Voices award for consistently sharing quality, engaging content. View my accounts:




In this course, we studied what it means to use social media as a professional in support of your own career or in support of a business or organization’s goals for which you work.

Social Media Action Plan: The Humane Society of Boulder Valley

As a final project for the course, I developed a social media action plan for the Humane Society of Boulder Valley in Boulder, CO. It addresses the organization’s social media goals, target audience, voice, tone, style, and a year-long timeline of example posts for each platform.

Profile of a Professional: Cosmopolitan’s Elisa Benson

For this piece, I profiled Cosmopolitan magazine’s senior community manager and compared her personal and professional social media accounts to explore the relationship between the two.

Immersion Project

This project required us to pick a company or organization and post daily for a week-long period as if we were a social media representative. I chose to post as a public relations/marketing professional for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Storytelling 2.0

For this assignment, we were asked to tell a story, on at least two social media platforms, about a specific topic or theme. My posts told the story of Photoshopping and body image in relation to today’s changing ideals.

How to be Twitterrific

In this course, we had a class blog that each of us was required to post on twice. This is my first post about how to use Twitter effectively and become “twitterrific.”

What Makes Snapchat Sticky?

This is my second post for the class blog about the reasons that Snapchat has been and continues to be successful and innovative.

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