Johnston & Associates Real Estate


This website was built and designed before I joined the company. However, it taught me a lot about working with WordPress. I updated all the pages, and I created the Videos, Careers, and Testimonials pages myself. I posted new listings, blogs, and videos. I created the Mailing List popup through the MailMunch plugin, which links to the company’s MailChimp account. I used Canva to create optimized images for posts.

In addition to managing the website, I oversaw the companies social media accounts. You can view these through links on the website.

Listing Presentation

I designed this Listing Presentation in Canva. The realtors use it when meeting with potential clients to illustrate the process and tell them about the company. I used a design template from Canva but modified it to match the brand. I also used stock photos and wrote copy for the presentation.

Print Marketing Materials

I created these print marketing materials using Canva. I used similar fonts, colors, images, and voice to maintain brand consistency and make the materials easily recognizable as a product of Johnston & Associates Real Estate.

Broncos Schedule Magnet

Buyer Brochure (Client Testimonials)

Buyer Brochure (About)

Food Drive Postcard

Hyper-Local Stats Flyer

Just Sold Flyer